I survived Monday!

Woohoo! Monday is done and that means I am one day closer to Friday! HURRAY!! I submitted one paper today …..nervously hoping I did not completely ruin my A in the class. Although if it happens oh well!! I am ready to be finish! 🙂 Especially today because for some reason I just wanted to lay on the couch this afternoon and not really do anything productive!

Sadly though the rest of this week will not be slow! Tomorrow Pepper has to go to the vet, then Wednesday I have a doctor’s appointment and same on Thursday! I guess I should enjoy my one slow night of the week huh???? 🙂 That’s my goal but at the same time I struggle to not dig into homework although I know I’m working on getting most of it done already! Now I only have a paper and a test to finish. Tonight I am going to work on outlining some chapters and then hopefully I will start going through my research. My poor printer…I ran it dry this afternoon! Although to make the printer happy, I did remind him that it was the last time for a while that he would be printing a ton of research articles. Poor thing is not looking forward to when I get into a doctoral degree!

It is hilarious! Both of the girls are sound asleep on different parts of the house. Precious decided that since Matt is out working on a project, that she would claim his couch. Pepper on the other hand after getting moved out of my lap numerous amounts of times, that she would only sleep on the floor beside me. I feel bad I made her move too much :(.

Hopefully I can catch them in really good poses soon! Still nothing on my application yet! Although I did ask my rheumatologist what she thought of my getting a yellow fever vacation and the malaria meds that CDC recommends for travel to Africa. Gosh my heart stops when I think that I may be so close to a dream. While I will be crushed if this time falls through, the good thing is it is helping me push even harder to try to get back to a “normal.” I looked at my wheelchair today and realized that hopefully (and thankfully) I would not be using it for a while. Although trust me I am blessed to have not only a manual wheelchair but also a mechanical one. The good thing is that I have something to use as God needs me to use. For now though my legs and energy are holding up! Thankfully better than a few weeks ago!

Ok back to the homework I go! 🙂

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