Resting this weekend!

Hey World!

Appointment with cardiologist DONE!!! She was awesome, I truly enjoyed meeting with her and discussing my options. Sadly I will not be able to stop by heart/bp medication! While my actual heart looks great…for some reason my heart/bp does not regulate itself so much to my dismay. I will be on medication probably the rest of my life! YAY! NOT!! But even though I learned that she made the visit well worth the wait to see her! I go back in six months to see how I’m doing! Who knows maybe there will be a miracle! 🙂

Thursday I was actually taken in early for the first time in forever!! It was nice that there was little traffic so I actually made it to me my doctor’s office about 20 minutes early. We were only sitting there about 10 minutes (if that ) before we were taken back to the procedure room! I am thankful that I found a great doctor and the procedure went as smoothly as possible. Definitely not pain free, in fact probably the most pain I have ever felt at one time. I have been in significant pain from the procedure since last night but I think tonight I feel like I’m back on the mend!

Matt and I went to Wal-mart today to get more meds and give me a chance to stretch my legs. It certainly does not take getting much at Wal-Mart to spend some money LOL! It was nice though to walk around and see all the people bustling around getting school supplies! I miss the days of getting stuff for my college dorm! Those were some fun times!!

Still nothing yet about Africa…guess I will probably be waiting another week!! Torture!!

Here is what Precious does though when she doesn’t want to think about the world 🙂

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