We took the kids to the vet today! And while there we saw the MOST ADORABLE cats. One was big and grey and the other one a gorgeous orange and white. I had to take their picture!!!



Aren’t they adorable???? Other than that today has been another normal day in the life of living with RA and Fibro! The pain is still ever-present and the fatigue is such a killer!!! Honestly I think that is the worst part (other than pain) to having Fibro…you are just exhausted. Plus add-on top of that the RA and you get a nice little mix!

Still nothing on Africa yet! Although I am excited for the opportunities I am finding here! I was talking to a friend today and I mentioned this cycle to her:

1.I got an email about going to Rwanda, it of course sparked my heart and I applied
2. That email got me to talking to a friend who goes to Second about ministering and she brought up that they are starting a new college ministry
3. She gives me the email to the college ministry leader
4. I get ahold of him and find out about the AWESOME program he is starting
5. Matt and I talk about it and we are really considering becoming leaders in this area (perfect for us)
6. Even if I can’t go to Rwanda they are doing a big event on that same week I would be gone!
You never know what the outcome is supposed to be! Whether I go or stay there are still some life changing things that are happening! I am reading through a book called Jonah! Yes the man who was swallowed by a whale! I am learning to think of everything not necessarily as an interruption to my plan, for example I should not take my RA/Fibro as an interruption. Instead I should use them as a divine intervention! Use them to serve others versus feeling so bad about myself and how bad I feel! The good news is I can put on a good face and most people will never truly know how bad I feel! In fact there are probably only one or two people who will ever know the true extent of this disease. But on the other hand that is ok too because the goal is to use this to serve others and no having people feel bad for me! Like I mentioned earlier in the week…serve God first and let him use you! It doesn’t matter if you have a disease, a problem or whatever you can still be used.
Oh p.s. I got on twitter yesterday!! Find me @RaFibroTucker2010 🙂


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