Today started like any other day, doing the same old same old. In fact to be honest it was nice to not run and check my email all the time. I knew I had been placed as an alternate so I wasn’t sure what that even meant. I guessed that probably thanks to my RA+ all, ,that for sure I would be LOW on the totem pole to go! BUT the Lord saw differently! I received an email about 10:0oa.m. that asked me to join the team! I literally about fell off my chair!!!!!!!!!!! Literally….Africa has been my dream, I can not believe that hopefully in about 4 months I will actually be on African soil! Can you believe that! I’m stunned, amazed and blessed that the Lord saw fit to place me on the team. Why was I placed as an alternate? I do not know other than to prepare myself…to let it go and place it in God’s hands. I know that sounds weird but I believe that was the case.

I am excited to be able to go knowing first and foremost that I have RA+all but I can still go! There are a lot of things to pray about as I prepare…lots of shots to get! Pray that I manage all the shots well!!!! Pray I don’t get sick between now and November!! Pray that I REST!! Those who know me well know that I struggle to rest when I’m on to something!

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