Up Late – Rwanda Planning

Hello sleepy (hopeful asleep world)!!!

Tonight was a BUSY night!! I went to a ladies ministry event and it was awesome! The speaker was so incredibly encouraging and the Italian restaurant that catered did a great job! The men of the church served the women, it was really cool. I’m not sure how many women were present but I think I “heard’ one estimate was that there was over 700+ women who attended tonight! Thank you so much to my friend who invited me!

I have been working on some planning for my Rwanda trip. Tomorrow I visit with my PCP to get her approval for my shots that I need. Then in two weeks I have an appointment to get two shots and about a week or so later an appointment to get another shot. I HATE HATE HATE shots with a passion. It is something I can get over BUT I need all the prayers I can get!

Also pray for me as I coordinated my ticket from Houston to Washington D.C. I will meet the group there on November 9th and then we will all fly out on the 10th. Planning is always soooo much fun right???? I’m also trying to decided what I need for the trip! Keep my budget in your prayers!! LOL! Lets hope Matt doesn’t go crazy with getting me stuff!!!

I’m going to upload a few pictures in a little bit!

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