Hurting and thinking

For some reason my Fibro and RA are acting up tonight! I’m not really sure why other than that is just normal! It is hard to get used to this normal but the more I see God work, the more I am thankful for His normal. I know that probably sounds really funny if not stupid to be thankful for this really really crappy disease. And I can honestly say I would be so happy to wake up tomorrow with no Fibro and no RA! However instead I am thankful for all he is doing WITH and through my disease. I know I have supporters out there praying God please heal! I do thank those of you who do that but instead I’m asking you to focus your prayer not so much on God taking these diseases and problems away. Instead pray that good can come through the bad!

Strange right? Well as a Christian I guess some would call me strange. But I do believe in good through bad!

Tomorrow starts a crazy hectic week! I am still waiting on my final grade for my class!!! Let’s see if I break the all A’s. That would be ok although I’m praying I did ok! I made A’s on both my last papers but the exams were rough!

Ok night for tonight! No shots for Africa this week! Two next week eewwwww!!!! Any one have any good sites to get info on Rwanda??? I also need to start writing my letters of intent! I have one packet due October 1st!!!! I need to get writing!

Night night!

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