Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!! The Tucker family is resting and relaxing today! We had hoped to go some where but my pain level was just not my friend! Instead we we decided to rest, watch tv, and sadly not cook! I know sooo bad!

We had a great Sunday school lesson yesterday! Church was awesome! We are very blessed to have found an awesome place to worship and a great place to minister! Matt is really enjoying the college students as am I!

Today one of my goals is to start writing my personal statement for SHSU. This application is due by the first of October so I better get on it! I thought I could apply to 2 separate programs at TAMU but apparently I can only apply to one program! So I’m sending my apps to three schools and praying for the best!

A big praise from last week! I got my first hep a and b shot and other than my arm hurting really bad for a day, it did not make me sick!!! Hurray!! Now I’m hoping the rest of the shots go smoothly! I have one shot tomorrow! The yellow fever shot!!! I’ll let y’all know how that goes!!! If you are thinking about it, say a prayer for me! Next week is round two of hep a and b!!!

This week I also see 2 doctors and i see 4 doctors next week. Then the week after that I see 1 doctor and then the last week I see another doctor! Yup September is a doctor month for me!!!

Soo much going on!


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