Yellow Fever Shot DONE!!!

YAY!! The hardest shot (at least in my mind) is DONE! YAY! I went to a CDC approved location and got my shot this afternoon! It certainly burned but thankfully it did not make my arm feel like it was horribly broken! Praise the Lord I am not sick! I’m praying that I do not start feeling ill tomorrow!! I will be going to a sister campus tomorrow for a special project! I’m excited to see a new campus but worried that I will end up lost! Hopefully I will not be tooo directionally challenged!

I also had my first ladies Bible Study tonight! I loved my teacher, she did a fabulous job of bringing the 6 women who showed up together. We shared and got to know each other and I pray we develop a closer bond together! I have ALOT of reading to do but I hope we all get comfortable with each other and have great discussion!

I also bought a Razor phone tonight! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my Iphone! But what I decided to do was to get a phone (Razor or whatever!) and I will take that one with me to Rwanda. I do not want to take my iPhone in case something happens! Does that sound smart? I hope so! I spent $80 on the phone but hopefully it will last! I’m thinking I can just take my SIM card out and then get an international plan. Question, does anyone know if you can get on Facebook on the razor?? I hope so! I want to keep everyone updated but we shall see. I also was really freaked out about charging my iPhone overseas! Now if the phone gets blown, it will be the $80 phone versus the $300 (I did not pay that much!) phone.

Gosh I still have not started on my personal statement!! UGH!! I need to!! God help me get it written!!!

But tonight…I need to rest! And I need a big hug..I’m in a lot of pain 😦

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