The weekend is bringing yet again more pain! Today I had a moment of struggling with why every day there seems to be constant pain. Most days I can deal with it but some days it really gets old! Patience Lord, give me patience!

I enjoyed visiting a sister campus on Wednesday! Love the campus! Maybe one day I will get lucky and I can go there! I’m crossing my fingers that soon I can get a job that takes my MA into account! I realize a higher paying job means more responsibility but that’s ok for me! I’m praying soon lord, he knows we could use the finances to get a better apartment among other things!

Thursday I was blessed with being able to go help out in a shelter. It was heartbreaking to help those who had lost everything! I could not imagine losing everything I owed in a fire! I would be crushed beyond words! Sadly there are many who are experiencing just that! Tomorrow matt and I and another couple are headed back up to Magnolia, Tx for an 8th. shift at a shelter/command center! I’m resting as I can today and tomorrow to not stress out my body too much. I am praying that we can be a blessing!

I’ve been on the couch most of today :(. Pain has been really bad but at least I have a bare rough draft of my SHSU letter of intent! That my main priority for this week!!! Lord clear the writers block!!!!

This weekend Matt and I are attending/hosting a party. We were asked to host a “shower” for a couple that we known is getting married. With all we have going on it has been hard to get things planned, mostly because we see given about a month to plan there has been little communication between us and others helping. I’m praying that all goes well!! I am also hoping this does nor stress us out this week! Matt and I have to decide on food, I’m thinking chips/dip, cheese and fruit tray, chex mix, and sodas! Hopefully that will be ok! It is our first shower to throw so it may be a little rough :(.

I’ll update y’all tomorrow!!!

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