Updating FINALLY!!!

Wow I am so sorry I have not updated in like a WEEK!! I can not explain how much pain I have been in! It is so frustrating to suffer especially on days that you really want to get stuff done but just cannot seem to get the energy to do something! I have the long list of things that need done but still so little has been accomplished!

The good news is that last week was a little different because I was able to do some community service by volunteering in an area that was hard hit by a fire. The first day I went I was able to work in a shelter. One of my tasks there was to help organize the donations that were coming in, predominately the toiletries. I never imagined how many people would be donating toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant etc. The good thing was we had so much to organize, the bad part was that we all wanted it organized already and us not have to do it!!

While I was organizing the toiletries, I met a woman who had lost everything she owned. Her eyes seemed so shallow and hollow..it was as if she had experience something horrific. She had two children with her and the only thing she had was the clothes on their backs. She seemed ashamed to be asking for the bare basics. I wanted to give her a big hug and let her know that we were there for her. Instead of giving her a hug I helped her pick out shampoo/conditioner and some other needed basics. I was so touched to see how thankful she was especially given how tired/scared and anxious she must have been!

The second day was 9/11. I was able to go volunteer most of the afternoon until midnight! It sounds long and tiring but it was such as blessing. I was blessed to see HEB disaster management trucks in action. They served between 1200 (Dinner) and 1400 (lunch) warm meals to all the fire fighters/police officers who were there donating their time. It was such a blessing to see fire fighters stream in hunger/tired looking for a warm meal and something to drink. My team and I were responsible for giving them glasses of ice, soda’s, water, Gatorade and energy drinks. We did something so small but EVERY SINGLE ONE of the fire fighters and police officers said “thank you” and many said “how blessed THEY were for us.” Can you believe that ? They were thankful for us..and yet we were even more thankful for them!!!

I was so blessed to experience this service! I was touched to see fire fighters from Hawaii to NY helping here in Texas! They gave of their time, their strength, their energy and their spirit to fight a fire that was not even on their home “turf.” You totally see first responders in a different light when you experience what I was blessed to experience!

I so wish in my heart I can be present for any natural disaster that takes place as that is the time to reach out to someone who is in need. Speaking of doing that, I am in progress of getting trained under the American Red Cross.  I hope to get Disaster Assistance Training so that I can do just that, work with those who have experienced a natural disaster! I am praying that with the time my body has left to work, I can serve other people!

Even though working the two days raised my pain levels to be about a 30 on a scale of 1 to 10, I did not care. I would do it again because let us be honest, I’m going to hurt anyone. Why not hurt because you did something good versus just because you woke up this morning!

Take a look at my pictures, I know some a blurry but take a look at them anyone! And remember take an opportunity to serve when you can because honestly you will be much more blessed!!!!

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