First Doctoral Application – DONE!!!

YAY! Tonight I have finally finished my first doctoral application! HURRAY! I was so happy to have finished it I almost jumped for joy! I would have probably been able to jump if my body did not feel as if it had been hit by car! ūüė¶ For some reason my pain was intense tonight, ,one reason I think was because I did a few activities¬†in my leadership program that was a bit strenuous. I hated to not participate to I figured might as well, I was going to hurt regardless!!

I enjoyed starting my program today!! I learned some key values including more importantly the value of “respect.” With the value of respect I learned that I needed to begin to value not only my respect of others but my own self-¬†respect. For too long I have been putting up with being run over and taking on way way¬†way toooo¬†much at work. Answering emails at all hours of the night and weekends. To be honest¬†my job does not require it and nor does my job pay me to do this…it was something I did probably mostly out of fear that if I did not I would or could lose my job. I let myself be run over at work because again the fear of losing a job made it so I would rather be over worked doing things I had not responsibility to do. I realize now that I need to self-respect and maintain my integrity. So therefore my first order of business was to begin to make some small changes..starting with saying “no” or asking “is this something I need to be doing or is¬† this in fact someone else’s responsibility that I am tasked with doing?” This ties in with learning to be a leader and learning to not do everything yourself…you have to learn what is your job to do and what is not your job to do!

I also realized I was dis-respecting my family because I was not making them my priority..instead I was leaning toward making a job a priority. And while my job is important because it does pay the bills…it does not have to be my life! In fact I should use my life to do more productive things especially things that may touch someone’s life and bring about change!

I loved my experience in my leadership program, I hope that i¬†mature and grow through out this time I’m in the training. So Matt and I went to eat with his Dad tonight and what had to happen on the way home??? A flat tire!!! Yes sooo not a way to end the evening!!!! Now I’m off to working on one more application and then bed!!!!

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