Football and change

Last night was a great way to end a very stressful week! Matt and I went and watched a high school football game! My first one to ever watch! Loved the experience!!!! I really enjoyed the conversations with my friend who invited us and just watching the kids play! And yes our team won!!!!!

Matt and I are up bright and early for American Red Cross Orientation! I’m so ready to start helping out in this way! So we will be down at the red cross office until 12 and then I get to relax with a mani/pedi!

While i cannot say yet what changes are coming, I believe there will be changes in my work life. I’m sad for some of these change and happy for some of these changes. When disrespect seeps into the work place, a change is forced to happen..and that to me is sad! So I will post more as I get more information, keep me in prayer on that note!

Also I did want to say a big thank you to all that have come forward to support me with words of comfort, hope, encouragement and helping me see I did what was right! Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t easy but it is better than doing what is wrong. You will never be a true leader if you are not willing to stand up for yourself, your values and your faith!

Orientation is beginning more soon!!!

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