I just wanted to take a few minutes to say “THANK YOU!!” There have been so many of you that have stopped by after a class or called to let me know that you were thinking of me. It means so much to have your support and your confidence.  I did not realize how many people would stand up for me and with me! You all mean so much!

I am hoping and praying for changes, praying that the Lord keeps my attitude right and my heart right. I am hesitate and yes anxious but I do know that the Lord knows what is best for my life! Pray for me as I need to start working on my last three doctoral applications. I am sending in all my transcripts tomorrow!! YAY!! And then I just have to write the personal statements for them. Keep me going Lord!

This blog..while it may not be read by many people….really helps me think and clear my mind from the anxious thoughts that I am dealing with at this time and through out the days.

Another PRAISE!! I was able to go to my gym for the FIRST time since I was in the hospital! Yes almost six months of not going but I was back today after work! My hope is to go about three or four times a week if I can! I take it slow though no worries! Although I am paying paying paying for it…I can already tell that tomorrow I will probably not be able to move! UGH! The painful process of losing weight!

Again thank you all! I could not do it with out YOU!

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