Weekend Plans!

I do not know about you but I am sitting in the boat of so much to do and the feeling of such little time! My goal of every night coming home and getting stuff done has not gone so well these past few weeks. Many nights I can think of something WAY more important to do such as sleeping lol! Of course not every night, I love my Tuesday night bible study and Thursday night college study. Then of course Saturday nights are such as blessing being around our college kids. We have truly enjoy this ministry!

So never do I regret getting active in our church! In fact I am very happy that the Lord led and we followed. We have not regretted taking that step and honestly I do not think you ever can if you are truly in tune with the Lord. He knows right where he wants you to be that is for sure! But I do need to work on getting more done in the evenings, even if I just have to take a nap to get some energy to do something. I think that is probably what I am going to try my best to do! Starting with today, go home..take a short nap ( which is soooo hard to do) and then getting up and doing something.

My problem is normally when I start sleeping…then it is soooooooooo hard to wake up after only 20 minutes or so. In fact I have set multiple alarms and I still end up waking up some 3 or 4hrs later. It probably does not help that my husband (God love him) feels like I need to sleep so he just turns off the alarms. I love that fact about my husband, he does care for me and that I can certainly appreciate.

But that does not me my never ending list of things to do gets any smaller! For example I need to file some papers, finish writing three letters of intent to three different doctoral programs, work on getting myself organized for my ADEC grief certification, plan on how I am going to get my 60hrs of thanatology training etc. etc. So hopefully I can start being more productive in the evenings because I do have some deadlines approaching! My three letters of intent need to be in the mail by the time I leave for Africa! No question about it! So step on it Joanna!

Here goes hoping right! 🙂

P.S. there is always hope! It does not matter what your situation may be…be it a struggle with your family, finances, job etc. When you have hope that is what brings a smile the next day.  Hope gives you the energy to stand up and keep moving even when everything is just going against you! You are able to focus and keep going toward the goal line, because you have hope! If you know someone who may be struggling to have hope today, just give them some encouragement. I know that I have some amazing colleagues that I consider true friends/mentors/mom’s and I could not (nor would I want to) do much with out their encouragement! Age has no matter, we can be years apart age wise but it is our spirits that receive so much encouragement from each other!

Keep my changes in your thoughts! Hopefully I will have more to share soon!

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