Busy Week!

Hello Wednesday, Goodby Tuesday!!!

This weekend was awesome and this week began with a road trip to Waco, Texas!!! You do not start too many weeks off with a road trip :). We left here about 3:20p.m. and made it just in time for the concert kick-off. It was a great night of worship and music!! The concert was a small hint of what we would see if we were to head to the Passion 2012 tour in Atlanta, GA. I am not sure if we will make that but if we do it will be awesome!

The concert ended around 10:30p.m. and then we had to start the long road home! It was hard to stay awake the whole way home and I probably did fall asleep here and there on the way home! Thankfully I did not have to drive!!! We arrived back home about 2:30a.m. – 3:00a.m. It took awhile to get to sleep but at least I got to sleep in late …well 8a.m!!!

Then I had to get up and get my last shot for Africa!! HURRAY!! It was such a great feeling to be done! Now I just have to plan my packing etc. I cannot believe that I am coming down to about a month before I leave! Time will fly!

I’m off to rest, relax and watch some t.v. More soon 🙂

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