Birthday Present

My hunny found an awesome deal and surprised me with a beautiful present! It was a deal that if you bought the ring you got the necklace as an extra! I love it!

It is hard sometimes to put aside finances but it is doable! And yes if you use a credit card, please please set a payment schedule! Part of being an adult is being financially responsible! And yes sometimes you are allowed to splurge especially when you turn 25 🙂

Today has been an awesome day! Several of the ladies at my office gave me a birthday card! I loved each and every one of them! I also was given a beautiful necklace set (LOVE IT) and a beautiful bracelet!

On top of that my early birthday lunch was delicious!!!! Olive Garden, you cannot go wrong! Especially the breadsticks lol! Yes weight watcher I blew you today but again, it is my 25th birthday weekend :).

Thank you lord for a wonderful day! Thank you lord for amazing colleagues and friends! I could not make it with out them!

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