Another Birthday

Another birthday has come and gone! Wow I cannot believe it, I am actually 25 years old now! I think I was sad that again this year I had to realize that no, Dad would not be calling me to wish me a happy birthday! I remembered the last birthday that he called me and wished me Happy Birthday.

I believe it was my 21st. birthday. I was graduating from college in two months and he was all excited about getting me a list of whom to send announcements too. He worked tirelessly on that list! He wanted to make sure that people knew I was finishing. I probably did not realize it then but I should have treasured that phone call…

This birthday came and went pretty smoothly! I really hate being the center of attention so thankfully no one sang me Happy Birthday publicly and only a few knew it was my birthday! The few who did made me feel so awesome! I am so thankful for them and what they did to make my day special!

I found out that my itinerary has changed a bit for Africa. I will be leaving for D.C. on November 9th and the spending that night and the night of November 10th. Our team will leave for Kigali on November 11th. So I have a whole day to do something! Hurray! I am not looking forward to the cold but I will enjoy it 🙂 God has a purpose and a reason.

One of my present’s was a travel journal! I am excited to right down everything that happens on this trip! It will be life changing of that I am sure! I have managed to write a journal on every trip I have ever gone on, it is very interesting to read those later on. The things you learn traveling internationally, you can never get that if you stayed here.

And sadly thanks to the horrible weather “yes the rain and the cold”, I felt absolutely miserably this last week. So no my birthday was not pain-free, much to my great dismay. In fact I probably had more pain in the last week or so than I have had in a long time. That was probably thanks to the wonderful weather 🙂

My birthday was good though, I am happy I am 25 and again so thankful for everyone who wished me happy birthday, gave me a present or a card and encouraged me. This next year I pray is one that I draw closer to the Lord and find mor ways to survive these challenging diseases. RA, Lupus and Fibro are not easy to live with…compile that with hypertension, asthma and diabetes (brought on by the medicine). It is a complicated painful life! That being said, I want to life…not just survive.

My message to everyone out there, sick or not sick, despite your trials whether it be a a family in court fighting, a marriage that is falling apart, relationships with friends or family that is falling apart, monetary issues or more. You can still “life” and not just “survive.”

I am thankful for this release and I am  thankful that despite the cards I have been handed in life….I can still live!

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