It is strange to think that in less than a month I will be in Africa!! I am getting more and more excited although I will say the thought of packing is NOT exciting! While planning and packing for Africa, I am still staying busy with writing my remaining two doctoral application statements.

After I finish that then I am going to focus on getting my ADEC certification! I am going into training on the 29th to start working in a hospice! I am nervous but excited about it. This is the next step for me so I need to get to it!

Another random thought that crossed my mind was getting healthier! Yes I am on weight watchers but by doing that you get an idea about what food you are putting into your body! While the last two weeks I did not to great I am learning more to think about what I am eating. Although yes like today I was so hungry I just grabbed Chick-Fil-A, I hope that one day soon maybe I can be a much healthier eater.

So much to do and think about and so much to do! I love being busy and seeing things from new perspectives!

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