Be Thankfuly – Despite Car Accidents

Yes, today one of the most dreaded feelings I have ever wanted to have came true. I was driving home from a meeting at my church and I was rear-end. The force of the impact was so bad that I suffered a whiplash (that is causing significant pain hence being up so late) but THANKFULLY my car had just a few dents! I am thankful that my car did not have much damage to speak of! I truly believe that was the Lord watching over me.

I know when I heard the crunch and felt the impact my first thought was OH LORD and I was picturing horrible damage. In fact you can probably barely tell! The physical pain though is far worse and to some extent feels like a broken neck…I know that is probably the RA/Fibro flaring.

What was probably the worst part of this whole experience, was that the person cursed me out. It was his fault for hitting me but then he cursed me out when I asked for insurance information. He told me to “F Off” and then sped away. I was very upset mostly because we should treat people how we want to be treated. I would never want to be treated that way! It was definitely not helpful to the situation.

However the night ended well because I was able to hang out with two awesome girl friends who were able to make me laugh and try to forget “for the most part” the horrible neck pain I was/am in. What I also though was sweet was that I was supposed to meet a girl for dinner and when I text that my car had been hit she sent messages to the people in my church’s college ministry.

We were blessed with phone calls and texts from concerned friends wanting to make sure we were ok. I was so thankful that we had people caring for us and praying for us. I could certainly use LOTS of prayer for my neck pain as it is probably on a scale of 1 to 10 …sitting at a 25-30…yes miserable.

But I am thankful that I came out of this with MUCH less scrapes that I had imagined! God is Good!

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