A Thoughtful Weekend

You know some days you really do not realize how awesome it is to have conversations with your spouse. My husband and I had a great time talking about our futures and what we wanted out of our lives and our marriage. The good thing was we came to an agreement, my passion for school should not just be shoved under the rug for the sake of money!

To date we have never gone hungry, we have never been with out and while my job has proven to put me sometimes around people who do not always treat me as I am supposed to be treated..at least I have a job. So we decided that I would only look at certain jobs, ones that would allow me the flexibility to study and ones that I could use to support us through school.

I am praying so hard that I get into a Ph.D. program! That would be a dream come true, if not though I am pretty sure I will apply to another MA program. This time I will finish the road for licensing! So now I will not be jumping campuses unless it is the other campus that my company has right behind my house!

I am happy yet sad too! The desire for more money can sometimes cloud your mind. But I am very happy that my husband and I realize there is WAY more to life than money! Most importantly there is happiness! Happiness to be doing what you want and for me that is therapy, working on my grief certification and getting into a Ph.D. program.

Thank you so much Lord for my husband and for our marriage. May  we make the decisions that we not regret and cling to each other in the good and the bad! I am thankful so much for my co-workers who have become great friends. I could not survive life with out you!

With our afternoon discussions has come peace. While I hurt terribly (stress makes me hurt twice as much) I appreciate the peace. Pain go away! Let me rest tonight!

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