So much more to learn!

I updated my iPhone today! It is awesome, so many new things that my phone can do! LOVE IT!! Now my next dream is to update to the Iphone 4 :)…maybe for Christmas! Thanks to my amazing friend for letting me know to update!

It is sooo cool to have what feels like a mini-computer in your hand as a phone! I do not know if I could use a regular phone any more! I am so used to my Iphone or before that I had my blackberry! Both are awesome phones!

I will not be taking my Iphone to Africa, no worries there! I am too afraid of either losing it, it being stolen or it burning up when I try and charge it! It is worth too much, I will leave it in the USA! 🙂

Today was awesome also because I found a new group that I can maybe help out with on campus! I am excited to see what opportunities await me there! Also tomorrow I get to visit with my support group! I love going every Wednesday to get to know the ladies more, build relationships and get more insight in an area that I hope to work in one day.

Bible study was awesome tonight! I am sad that it will be ending soon! But the good news is that this frees me up to do a Grief Share program on Tuesday nights at my church. So  I am excited to start that when I come home from Africa!

Last awesome thing for today is that I think I am going to do my graduation pictures this weekend! I know graduation (even though I did not get to officially go  to it) was few months ago. I was wanting to wait until after the heat to get some good pictures!! So cross fingers for that!!

Also I think my diploma will be in tomorrow! I had to re-order it because it was officially lost in the mail :(. So the school overnighted it to me, EXCITING! I cannot wait to hang it on my wall! 🙂

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