Growing Up Hurts

You know you are never too old to grow up! Honestly you can be 25 or you can 55, it does not matter. You are never too old to grow up and learn through life lessons. You may think you are too old but honestly, no I do not believe you ever stop being able to learn through life.

Is not it sad though that many times you learn through pain! While I cannot say exactly what has pained me tonight, I will tell you this….the pain is so hard to bear that yes it brought tears to my eyes. For my close friends they know that it takes something big to make me cry. In fact I sometimes struggle to even show emotion but tonight through a growing pain I was again brought to tears.

The pain comes through learning that sometimes no matter what good you want to do….some one can be there trying to yank it down. It comes from realizing that you may think you are helping but in fact you are only opening the door to be stabbed in the back. It comes from realizing how dangerous it can be to stand up for yourself because you never truly know the consequences of your actions.  I think it comes from realizing that yes opening yourself makes you vulnerable.

I am totally not saying to never open your heart and be “yourself” with someone but what I am saying is be ready because when you open your heart in an un-safe environment it can lead to being tremendously hurt. It can make someone shut down emotionally and become this robot that functions only to do their task but that is it. It is hard to find balance is not it, do you always be yourself despite where you are or do you only be yourself when you are safely away from an environment that can hurt you? That is a big question one that tonight I am honestly wrestling with personally.

What I will say though is no matter what you do or where you are always find one or  two people who you can hold on to…that you do work to trust. Because you honestly need those people more than you know to carry you through times! I am thankful so much for those people..they bring joy despite the dark gray clouds. They bring a smile despite the lightening that is falling from the skies.

And lastly another thing that makes me smile is that, “this too shall pass.” In one way or the other your growing pains do eventually fade. But one thing that does not fade is the lesson that you have taken from it! Remember that you are a better person for every growing pain that you hit! However, each time you hit a growing pain it is just as painful as the last.

Never feel as if you have to walk through this growing pain alone! God is always there with you and for that I am eternally grateful! No matter what I am doing, no matter where I am headed or where I am going..Father let me entrust my life, my spirit, my attitude, my heart and my soul to you! To be the person that YOU want me to be and to love despite the world that hates.

If you know of someone who is going through a growing pain right now…give them a hug, write them a note, shoot them an email, give them a call, send them a text message or just pass by them and say “I’m thinking (praying) for you.” Trust me it helps so much with the growing pains of life to feel like you are not alone!

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