There is light through the storm

Many days I think we are tested, to see who we are and what our values are as a human being. For some people, I honestly believe that they feel that there is no better way to live than to compromise everything that they should not. Be that throwing someone under the bus to save themselves or being vindictive when something has gone other than their way. It begs the question, what would you do?

To many times growing up I heard the old (well maybe not that old) phrase “what would Jesus do.” While I do not think you have to be religious to get the significance of this statement, personally I think it is important to point out how incredibly real it is to think about everyone you know be it at work or personally and how you feel they would act toward you at any given moment of the day.

I know a skin level most of us want to think of everyone as the perfect person. Your colleagues as someone who will always be there for you or that supervisor that you love as always being the best. In most days and cases yes that may be true but you have to afford yourself the possibility that may that is not true. So if it may true on most days but one some days it is not, how does that impact how you see them?

For example if you are walking through life, loving your life, your boss, your job, your family, your dog, cat etc…and then all of a sudden something happens. What if your cat runs away and leaves you or your boss throws you under the bus to save himself or herself. What does that make you feel like? What would you do? Would you act as Jesus would act? Do you become vindictive too? Do you walk away? Do you forgive?

For some reason this is the thought that has come to my mind as the clock ticks down to 12:00a.m. Yes apparently I get into the over-thinking mode when I am up at midnight. Why I am up…very good question!

This week has probably been one of the toughest I have experienced in a long time…for many reasons I think. Many questions and thoughts have come across my mind today. Many fears and thoughts, moments of tears and laughter, and I think I have grown up some today! I realize the value of a person, the value of your word, the value of the what you value as a person. Yes I know a lot of value!

While I pray and hope it does not take what happened to me to happen to you, I do hope that more and more people start looking toward the value of their reputation and their legacy. What you do today may help you for today, but is it worth it if you compromise tomorrow?

On a VERY happy note, I was given a belated birthday present! I was so thrilled to get my first very own Kindle! I am excited to develop a love for reading! I’m excited to stimulate my mind and hopefully gain a deeper vocabulary! I’m excited to see what God will do because yes despite the darkest of dark, I can never forget I am NEVER EVER EVER Alone.

The Holy Father is ALwAYS by my side, it is not He that looks away from me, it is me that looks away from him. My goal for tomorrow, the next day and the next is to not lose sight of HIM!


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