I will…

I will…never give up up on my joy and peace I get from knowing the Heavenly Father!

I will….pick myself up from the ground and keep fighting

I will…love the unloveable

I will…stay true to my values

I will…never to the best of my ability break my integrity

I will…smile even though I am sad

I will…laugh because I have hope and joy

I will..leave my struggles in God’s powerful and mighty hands

I will…never give up on what I believe

I will…have faith in my God even when things happen I do not understand

I will…trust that God has an awesome plan for my life

I will…be positive despite the negative

I will…always smile at someone

I will…believe in the power of hugs

I will…honor God’s rules

I will…do my best to not worry

I will…give my anxieties to the Lord

I will…hold on

I will…live with these diseases

I will…not let my joy go despite my RA, lupus or fibro

I will…strive to be a better wife, coworker, daughter and child of God

I will…what will you?

One thought on “I will…

  1. I will…not be undone by my illness, Lupus

    I will…rejoice in God, my Savior

    I will…choose to be a victor, not a victim

    I will…share the love of God in Christ Jesus with those who will listen

    I will…have the joy of the Lord, it is my strength

    I will…look up to the hills, where my help comes from

    I will…smile exuberantly at the day that God gives, and those He brings into it

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