Team Impact

I finally have a moment to write. I am sitting on the floor of my church watching team impact. The last 4 nights, I have been greeting several thousand people to my church!

I love seeing the community come together, it has been awesome. To get to know my church and to serve my community, both are great ways to forget about your pain, even if for just a moment!

God has been my constant comfort this week. In the moments where I feel alone and under attack, God has carried me. I have managed to put a smile on my face and a spirit of being loving to all I face. I pray that God releases me soon from this valley. The valley is dark, scary, and sad! lord I pray I get though this journey soon!

I am hopeful and joyful to one day soon be full of happiness and Joy. I’m thankful that to date the lord has given me peace and calm but I do look forward to moving forward.

Two weeks, I get to leave for Africa! I excited, nervous and so happy to be going! I will soon share where I will be so you can keep tabs!

Extra prayer request, I am planning on coming back to work the Monday after i get back to the US. I will have been traveling two days, 5 plane rides, 4 countries and a major time difference. Yes I had contemplated taking a day to sleep but I realize I also have a responsibility to return to my job as soon as possible. So pray for me as I try and mentally prepare for that part of my journey.

Pray for me as I have been in significant pain! The stress of my current situation is not helping, but yes I know that is life! Pray for a release soon! Pray for to remain capable of putting a smile on my face even if my heart is breaking. Pray I grow in wisdoms on how and to whom to share my burdens! Pray for me as I grow with this miserable disease!

Thank you for listening to me! Pray for peace and a cure!



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