Short and Sweet

It has been a busy but fun day! After work we headed out to a friend’s house where we just chilled, ate hot dogs and hamburgers and watched the dressed up kids come for candy. For me it was especially fun because this is the first time I have been at a house where kids have been. Very cool experience!

It is great to be blessed with some awesome friends! I only have to get through 4 more days of this week and two more days of next week and then my trip starts! Of course this is  the time when you try to think of everything you need and inevitably you will forget something! My big bag is packed minus a few things that I am still using that I will take with me. Other than that I hope it is all there!

If you are a praying person, pray for our safety, pray for our health, pray for each of us as we prepare to start this journey. What we see and hear will impact each of us in a different way. Pray that the Lord provides time each day to debrief and process all we have seen and heard.

Pray for us when we get back that we can re-integrate smoothly! It is hard to go to one place, hear of trauma etc. and then come back to work like nothing has changed. Because the reality is, you cannot go to this type of place with this type of purpose and not be changed! Honestly, it is impossible! You will grow up and realize the finality of death and the harshness/hatred of humans! That is easy to say but not easy to feel!

Pray for me especially that my RA/Lupus/Fibro cooperates! That I do not have a flare, that I can keep up with my team. Pray that we all handle our medication well (we have to be on antimalarial meds). Pray for safety in our departures and arrivals. Pray our luggage arrives with us.

I won’t be able to update this while I am gone but even though this blog will be dark for a little bit, encourage others to read this when I come back. Here is where you will hear the stories and see the pictures! here is where what I feel and sense will go. In person I will probably not sure much, but here you will get more. So if you think someone will want to read about my journey to Africa and back..encourage them to subscribe to read about how my life will be changed!

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