Days Ticking Down

The days are passing quickly! I can hardly believe in about a week I will be starting my journey to the other side of the world. I’m nervous, excited and exhausted. I’m worried about my health but at the same time I would rather get sick trying than stay home and never try.

I’m so thankful that despite the fact I have no control of the future, I can still look ahead and hope for the best! This opportunity was given to me and I’m going to for it with everything that I have inside of me. God’s strength holding me up and protecting me, that’s what I believe and what I am hanging on to.

Another major blessing in my life is my college ministry. I did not realize how empty my life felt when I was not involved at my church. There is something about serving God through your church that brings so much light to your life. I love serving with them and to them. I look forward to Thursday and cannot wait until Saturday’s. There are awesome awesome girls and some really crazy but awesome guys. I’m happy we can laugh together, cry together, sing together, and play together. We can hold each other up, we  can cry together, grieve together and encourage together.

If you do not have a ministry in your life I sincerely pray that you seek for something. When you give back to your community, there is nothing like it.  You will wonder how you never did it before. God can totally grow you, and deepen your walk with him. It does not happen backwards though, you cannot say I will deepen my walk and then minister. Instead minister and then as you minister you will begin to yearn for God in a new way. At least that has been my experience.

I’m off to get ready to lead bible study, hopefully I can share more when I get back.This will be my first time to lead so say a prayer for me!

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