Getting Ready – One week from Today

One week from today I will be sitting in Washington D.C. about this time. I was supposed to be flying out next Thursday but we had some flight issues and our team got bumped until Friday take off! Which is totally fine, I appreciate one more day to meet with my team, one more day to pray about this trip and one more day to see what God wants me to learn through this experience.

As I re-read my itinerary I cannot help but wonder, “lord how am I going to do this?” From the moment we touch down, until the moment we leave Africa we will be going. This is not a leisure trip, this is not a luxury trip this is a working/serving trip! I’m trying to mentally prepare myself to hear the stories, to stand beside the mass graves, to try to mentally prepare for all that I will see, hear and experience. It is a lot to take in and honestly there are moments where I wonder, am I ready? Is my body ready?  Is my heart ready?

It was one thing a few weeks ago to sit and think..oh well Africa is a few months away! Now we are down to Africa is next week! Next Saturday I will be on African land, seeing my first African sunset! Touching a ground that I have dreamed up touching for a while now! My skin has goose bumps as I think about how awesome it is to prepare myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually for this journey! I ask that you pray for this team, pray for safety and pray that we come back as adults stronger in our Christian walk and with understanding that surpasses our ages. I pray that this trip does not become just that “a trip”, pray that it becomes a life changing experience! There is so much we can learn from this time, I pray that we can use it to really touch some one else.

Pray that we can have opportunities to share about our experience with others. Pray that this journey does not stop when we come home but pray that it really impacts us and that it starts something we could never imagine in our lives. If we are willing to be used, God will use us! Are we ready? pray that we are ready for that journey!

I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate your thoughts and prayers for my health! Those that know me personally know why this is so critical for me! I have worked so hard this year to get through so much. My first goal and reasons for fighting forward was because I wanted to walk across the graduation stage to accept my MA, I did not want to accept that I would be in a wheel chair just yet! I did not know that goal would open this door! I did not know that six months after being so deathly sick, that I would be getting on a plane to Africa of all places! Isn’t it cool that sometimes you do not know the awesome things in store for you. I can see why it is so important for us to trust God! He can really do some awesome things!

Thank you so much for your committment to pray, your committment to check on my family while I am gone, your committment to keep me in your thoughts and your committment to listen to me when I come home! I could not do it with out you!

Pray for me tonight as yet another day counts down to one of many journeys of a lifetime!


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