Here are some random thoughts that are going though my brain:

1. How sick will I be on the malaria meds?

2. What will it be like to be in an airport again

3. Flying is fun sometime scary, what will I feel?

4. How is my body going to do with this traveling?

5. What movies are they going to show on the plane?

6. What will the bathrooms be like in Rwanda? I had a hole in India…not cool!

7. I’ll be meeting my team Wednesday and Friday…I hope we all get along!

8. How will I feel being away from my husband?

9. God i hope and pray I do not get sick!

10. What will the food be like there?

Yes many random thoughts but please please pray for my health! Pray I do not get sick! Pray that I watch carefully what I eat! Pray that I handle the malaria medicine well! God can do that I trust he can!

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