Day #3 Bishop John Interview, the Genocide Memorial in Kigali, and the Widows Village

After arriving back at the Bloom Hotel late the night before it was sooo nice to sleep in a little bit during day three! We were able to sleep in until about 7:30a.m. before we had breakfast around 8:15a.m. Our interview with Bishop John did not start until 9:00am. We all brought our Bishop of Rwanda ( books with us to get it autographed.

Personally I was not sure what to expect, thoughts that ran through my head were things like whether or not he would be interesting. Sometimes I have found that people are good writers but not so much good speakers. I was pleasantly surprised! He was so interesting to listen to! It was as if we were all just sponges that sucked up anything he said. He brought us from the history of the pre-genocide, through the genocide and up to the post-genocide.

For two hours we listened to him speak and share some amazing thoughts, quotes and ideas for his country. I took at least 10 pages of notes that I want to transcribe and save for future use somewhere. His passion was so evident, his hands moving so well with his speaking. The grief that he survived through, the love he had  replaced with hate, it was unbelievable. I wish I could have spent more time around this man! He certainly was a servant of God but a man who was so incredibly intelligent and one to certainly admire.


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