End of Day #3

Yes the pictures are hard to look at…imagine being there…imagine standing on the ground that is mass graves..imagine being next to the grave sites…
So much to think about even today but the amazing thing is that there is still hope! Despite the pain and suffering of this country the people are looking up versus down! They are seeking reconciliation step by step, one painful day at a time. Instead of wallowing in their hurt and pain (which I would do if I had lived through this horrific time), they are wanting to educate their brothers and sisters that they are raising to never let this happen again. To know that people can kill people in the most horrible of ways….those left behind…the survivors have a goal…to never let it happen again! Never again should this happen..never again should a people group of any kind experience this horror!

You know even today I wonder how we can see good despite the bad…..I think a lot of that is because we know God’s peace and love! We know that there is a hope for a better tomorrow…we know that forgiveness can work. One thing that I keep tossing over and over in my head is….could I forgive….what about you?


Random Pictures:

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