Rwanda Trip

The trip to Rwanda, Africa was certainly life changing! Yes very much so…the trip there was tiring and the trip home was even more exhausting! But the good thing was we were able to see the absolute worst in humanity but at the same time the forgiveness that was un-imaginable. If I had not seen it for myself I probably would not have believed it! Honestlly…but I will say it is hard to share this story…hard because the pictures are hard to look at (as I’m sure you can attest to)….the stories are hard to re-tell….the memories are hard to process. But my hope is that the pieces I have shared do help change someone…do help someone think!

One big thing to consider for this Christmas season.why not spend less money on your gifts and more money on someone who needs it? Why not go through the World Help Child Sponsorship Program ( or their water program ( Honestly, it does not have to be either of these two programs…but I do encourage you to do something for someone else this Christmas season! Think of the people around the world that do not have what you have…even as little as $30 can change a life for a lifetime.

One reason I’m urging you to make changes this year….because I have been accepted to complete my doctorate degree! You wonder..ok why is that such a huge deal??? Because I was one of those kids who had nothing.. absolutely nothing! But look where I am today…if you put in to someone you never know…you may change their life forever!


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