What a day!

Wow today has been sooo busy! Insanely busy and sooo very tiring! I was able to sleep in “PRAISE GOD.” I was still in bed about 10 to 10a.m. when my husband came banging down on the door! We had scheduled a massage for 11a.m. so I needed to get up. Earlier this year we had gotten memberships to a massage place but we have rarely gone. It was sooooooooooooooo great to get a massage, I think I spent the whole time talking to my massage therapist. It felt like a therapy session! 🙂

After our masssage my husband convinced me to go to CiCi’s pizza. VERY INTERESTING place…the pizza wasn’t great but it was ok. I think I would have liked the place better if it had not been so crowded. We ran around and did some errands after that,  I found two pair of shoes at DSW. They were a little more than what I wanted to pay but I know I need to built up my wardrobe so I went for it. Mostly because I know they are good shoes and they will last (at least I hope they will).

We also did some searching and we found a deal where we could fly on the big planes (736’s) to Orlando, Florida and stay in a SpringHill hotel for a good price. It was the cheapest I have seen it. This will be the first time we have flow together! I’m interested and excited to see how it goes.  We figured it would be our Christmas present to ourselves and we would enjoy a last ” vacation” before school starts for me again! I’m thankful that we could do it..although I know we will be paying it off for a few months! But sometimes you just have to go for things!

We went to our college ministry tonight! The message for these kids was to stay away from debt! Something I agree with but at the same time I believe it is critical that we encourage our students, families, and friends to be responsible with their money! They may not be able to avoid money as whole but they do need to be responsible. That is the one thing I hope for in the future…that I remain faithful with my stewardship and remember that I will only have if I am responsible and careful with it!

Here are a few more random picture that I thought were awesome! 🙂




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