One Sweet Day

There is no better way to help your mind deal with your pain than to listen to music! Music to be has been a therapy for a while before I even knew that music could be therapy! I would spend hours while I was growing up just listening to music. It was an escape, a way to find peace and just a way to be away from the world I was living in.

Now a few years (or more) later I find myself doing that same thing. I’m on the brink of a new and probably the hardest chapter of my life. I picture myself walking across the stage being awarded a doctorate degree. Funny I have pictured that day for many years now. That day was in my mind when I graduated with my BA and my MA.

I tear up today realizing that if nothing comes between me and graduation, I will walk the very stage that I walked to receive my BA. The last thing my late father saw me do. I know he won’t be physically in the stands this time…but I hope where he is…he will still be smiling.

An ABD candidate told me that one way to get through your first year was to imagine the end. He said find something to hold on to, and every time you want to quit- think of that memory.

I don’t know what my memory will be but for today it is picturing my graduation as a doctor. A title that I pray I put to good use.

I pray that this title, these degrees and this one life I’m blessed to live. That it can all be used for good. I want to touch a life or lives. I want to leave an imprint behind, a way for people to know the God I serve and the blessings He has given me!

Yes I say blessed because I am blessed, I’m blessed that despite the horrific pain I walk around in every day…I can still smile and laugh. I can still find moments of positivity and joy! Despite the pain and fatigue I can still live versus survive! I am not slaved to you, RA or Lupus or Fibro. I may not beat you but you do not have me beat, yet!

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