Time passes even when you do nothing

Soooo many times we forget that there is another world outside of where we live. I found myself thinking today about Kigali. The streets are still busy, the time is still going, the kids are still malnourished and the water is still unpumped. I really started thinking about this while walking through the huge mall we have here in my area.

There are like four floors to this mall, an indoor skating rink and lots of stores and restaurants. You want to know the sad thing….people make the holidays about the presents. I could not help but over hear others conversations about presents. Some talked about how many presents they had or hoped to get. Some talked about how much they had spent and yet others complained about how expensive things were that they bought.

I walked into a store and on a sale rack there was a blouse on sale for $450, it was originally $750. I thought about how many people would buy that. It is like it is bad to shop if you have the money. But why spend the money on a blouse? Why not give to a charity or a humanitarian organization? Why not provide a water well for a village in Africa? Why not send some kids to school in India? Why not protect women in Nepal from human trafficking? Better yet why not go yourself to see these things for yourself?

Again, if you have the money and are not running up your credit card spend your money as you wish. But how can we as a population encourage more people to think about the world that is going around outside of their world. By that outside of their home? We have abused and beaten kids here in America. We have hurting families, you don’t have to travel the world but I encourage more people to think about someone other than yourself.

Realize how much you have been blessed with and how you can bless someone else. It doesn’t matter how big or how small you can touch some one else! I challenge myself and others to start thinking more about someone else than yourself and your needs.

Be a blessing to someone today!

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