You do not know whose life you touch!

Today was one of those days that I was soooo ready for the holidays! There were a variety of things that happened that made me soooo annoyed. You know as humans…at least for me…I tend to want to run away from issues. If I had my way I would totally just walk away from problems. But the good thing is that we learn by staying and working through the problems. I do not know if my problem will go away any time soon…I really hope it does..but if it doesn’t I pray that I learn patience, discernment and ways to handle things that I will use in my  future.

Today I was able to talk with several students, it was so awesome! One gentleman was a retired Navy enlisted man..he had so many awesome stories of serving our country. He really did not have a could tell he just wanted to talk to someone. We spent probably an hour talking about Greenland because he had visited there earlier this year. The pictures were incredible, the glaciers, the ice, the huskies, etc. I was so blessed to look at his pictures! I was blessed he took the time to talk to me and I was blessed that I could spend the time to visit with him. I love the students that sometimes just want to talk to someone.

He was so willing to wait while I handled the other students that came in while he was visiting. It was a busy lunch hour that is for sure! When I was finally able to look at the clock it was 1:30p.m. Then about that time another student came in, she was a gorgeous young lady who was struggling with a class. I’m not sure why I started talking to her but I probably spent 30 minutes encouraging her to go  to school, to finish and to reach for her goals. I was so blessed to be able to reach out and help her. I pray that the 30 minutes we spent together will touch her life!

Here is a song that has stuck in my mind since  I helped scan the tickets this weekend at the Point of Grace concert.

It is a beautiful song 🙂

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