Ohhhh so how easy it is to procrastinate! VERY!! I’m sitting here waiting to start my homework but it seems like my mind is soooooooooooo ready to do something else! I’m not sure that it is that I do not want to study but I guess it is the fact that maybe I’m enjoying being lazy!

Ok so I probably should get a move on but I did want to say how awesome it is for things to just work out for you! Sometimes one thing that I toss around is wondering how I am going to have the energy to get things done. And when I sit, wait and listen…it is amazing how your energy can return.

I know that sounds weird but for some people especially those with invisible illnesses you count all the energy you can get as a blessing. My body maybe in intense pain, my fibro exhaustion maybe significant but I will at least pick up a book and get something done! 🙂

Wish me luck 🙂

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