Another night studying

Today I struggled with a lot more pain that usual! I’m not sure if it the lack of sleep or what but the fibro fatigue was intense today. It is funny how school is so fun, but yet soooo tiring!

I’m ready for my Christmas vacation! Two weeks off will be great, I’m praying I will not spend much more money though! Getting a new wardrobe is always fun but sometimes you struggle to go over board!

Ok off to bed for now, the girls say good night! I say pray for less pain tomorrow and more opportunities to praise god through this journey!

And if you could be so kind, pray not for healing (for God knows my future) instead be one of the few people that prays that I can use this for Gods glory! Pray that I grow in a ministry to serve others with an invisible illness, pray that I am able to use my voice to praise God and bring glory to him!

Lastly as I begin my doctoral work in the spring, I am asking that you commit with to be a support partner! No I’m not asking that you send money (although that would be awesome lol). I’m asking that you partner with me to keep me going because this road is not easy! I want you to commit to be my companion through this journey. A companion to pray for me, encourage me, and to lift me up. Accountability in my studies is also important. I need all the support I can get for my marriage and my health through this process. If you are interested in being my support partner please let me know! Thank you!

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