God, Family and Friends

Soooooo much has happened in the last few months. I have realized the value of trust, the value of respect and the value of integrity.

At all times be the person that you know will honor your family, your faith and the true person that you believe you are inside.

For me I want to always honor my heavenly Father with my words, my attitude and my life. I am so excited now that I finished part one of training, soon I’ll be able to help with my church’s hospital visitation! Won’t that be awesome! I cannot wait to touch lives that are hurting!

Lastly it is also very important that you never react in anger to any rumors, false accusations, toward anyone that you do not get along with or whenever you are in a situation that you do not like. Anger, revenge or anything like does not gain you anything. Rumors will eventually die down and you or others will move on and life will go forward.

Just remember that your integrity will remain and know in your heart who you are and what you have done! Seek to follow God in all things and praise God through the good times and the sad times.

I encourage you as you have encouraged me, the best is yet to come! This storm will end one day, the sun will shine again! No matter what you are going through today, no matter the pain or heart break that you feel….you are not alone. You have our Father standing there right next to you!

Love, turn the other cheek, honor God and remain alert for Gods voice to guide you!

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