Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas! Felix Navidad! And many more seasonal greetings to you!!! How was your day?? I pray that you were blessed, not necessarily because of your presents but because you were no alone. I pray that your pain was eased and I pray that you felt the love of being with your family!

I will not lie! I have loved being in Florida for the Christmas holiday! It has been great! We started our Christmas day by going to the Disney Animal Kingdom!! Yes I am paying for it, my legs are killing me! But it was awesome! We went and saw many animals such as tigers, elephants, and many more! It was great to walk around in a place I never thought I would ever go!

It was a great day, very relaxed and very enjoyable! As the night closes I pray that my pain eases! I pray that my heart rests in peace! I pray that as the year ends, we can all start fresh next year!

If there are things you want to change, I challenge you to do that! I challenge you to focus this upcoming year on your faith, your family, your friends and the values that you put on your actions and attitude!

I’m in a leadership program and I was asked to think about and consider my key values – I picked integrity, competency and empathy. This upcoming year I want to make those ever present in my personal and professional life! I challenge you to do the same! Find your key values and never waver from those!

Also please become my support for school! I need all the support I can get! Remember this road to getting a doctorate is tough ! The encouragement I get from blogging is immense! I hope you enjoy this journey too!

Countdown to the end of the yr! – 6 days

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