New Year in 5 DAYS!!!

As the new year approaches, what do you want to change? What is your challenge to yourself? I hope that you think about the next year as a way to make changes, live differently, honor God and strengthen your faith! I realize that my new year will start a new road of being in doctoral classes! Scary! Exciting! Frustrating!

So yes while my new year will bring mange changes including school….I will say that these days in Florida I have spent resting/relaxing and vegging in front of the TV! I did get some reading done but I better step it up tomorrow or when I get home! I have lots to do and not much time! I don’t know what my push to study has not come back…other than I know when it starts I will be going, going and going!

Ahhh so anyways hopefully I can get things done quickly after getting home! I have some days to rest and study! Yes I will make myself study! Before I go lift up several prayer request for me! Predominately insurance, future goals, and my studies!

In 5 days it will be 2012!!! What will you do????

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