Heading home!

Sitting at home, chilling on the couch, my body is exhausted! I saw people traveling in wheelchairs! I couldn’t help but wonder if I would feel better traveling that way! I know the standing in line about killed my legs!

Thankfully I did not have to go through any body scanners!!! Score! Other than feeling extremely exhausted, I am hanging in there! I forgot to pack all my meds so I was out of my Arava for a few days 😦 tear!

My hair has started to fall out again! I will wait but if it gets any worse I will have to go back on folio acid! I find it funny that I could take methotrexate (oral chemo) and not have any hair loss but on Arava (next level in the family) my hair falls out horribly!

As a child I hated my thick thick hair,now I would do anything for that thick hair! My hair is soooo thin that I can use the mini clips! Hehehe certainly cheaper! Hopefully when I go biological medication it will leave my hair alone.

Ok done with the randomness, off to did find food!!!

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