2011 has closed for the east coast and here in Texas it will end its about 30 minutes! Are you ready? What do you want to forget about in 2011, what do you want to change in 2012?

Enjoy the last few minutes of 2011 and be blessed as we welcome 2012!!!!

I know I had hoped I would be pain free and sadly I am not! BUT I remain faithful and I know that despite RALF, 2012 will be awesome.

As my year closes, I shed a few tears for some of the most painful times of my life have been in 2011. Some is the most amazing experiences have been in 2011. My hardest challenges and some of the greatest memories are contained in 2011!

Lord whatever you have in store for me in 2012, here I am willing and ready! For changes that I know are coming, continue to give me peace and joy. For the unknowns of this year, may I grow stronger in 2012! May 2012 be the best year so far, may my journey bring knowledge that surpasses everything I know now. May life changing experiences happen and may 2012 bring some amazing memories!

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