Keep Going

Today has been a mixed day! I was able to get 12hrs of sleep! It was awesome! I woke up with such little stiffness and energy! It was like WOW! I was shocked. I never expected that…and I was able to use it for good. I cleaned up my house and did the laundry. I was able to organize and do other house projects that I had never expected to do today.

I even got some studying done! Something I am working on now actually…well I’m taking a break! The bad news of today was that I found out about a project I had started. The first piece of my project was denied. It hurts to be denied…especially when you think you have given them everything and every reason to be accepted. But you know that is part of life! You try to get a project accepted and sometimes it will be denied. It hurts, it burns, it makes you mad but the way to accept it is …to move on and try again!

Yes TRY AGAIN! You get knocked down and you try again! I’m trying again, I have re-done my first piece of my application and am waiting to hear again about this time. Hey maybe the second time is a charm! 🙂

So we shall see what happens!!!

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