So how is your 2012?

So how is your 2012 year going? Did it start out how you wanted it to? Have you started any changes that you had decided to do? I have managed to do one yoga work out and I have done two walks! YAY! I love my body feeling the effects of a work out but one major thing I dislike is the alarm clock going off early despite staying up late. I decided that I would set my alarm clock to the usual time starting tomorrow. I want to start getting my body used to getting up at that time…and I want to start doing homework!

Tomorrow it will be homework, homework and homework! I need to read one major chapter and write a paper. Those are due day one and then my goal is to get the rest of the stuff done before class! Now the trick will be to have noise in the house (probably the TV) while at the same time really studying! Tonight the Law and Order has been on the TV but I am not sure I have watched any of it…..which I am ok with. I love McCoy and the gang but I know I need to focus on my homework.

I also hopefully closed out a major project that I was working on and praying over! I hope I did a great job and that I can move on to the next project. Do not you love the projects that you start, pray over, work on, pray over some more and then finally submit! It is like a major paper  or a ceramic project. You put the pieces together or write the paper and then you are at the mercy of the person who has to read it or give you their opinion. It is a great feeling to be done but it does not mean you are not anxious about the answer!

I am also excited for the 2012 work year! I return to work on Thursday, I am praying for a great new year, for great new experiences and for whatever the future holds…that I have the right attitude! Remember that no matter where you work, be it home or actually out in the work world, that you are responsible to hold your self accountable to the standards that have been set for you. For me those standards come from God! He directs my paths and I need to adhere my language, the words that come out of my mouth, the actions I take and the places I go…I need to be in line to his calling for my life. I know it may not make sense, trust me if you want to know more message me and I can explain it further!

I had hoped to ring in the new year pain free…sadly that did not happen! 😦 The Arava is doing a number on my system but I am so thankful for it! Funny it is a tiny white pill that does not have much taste but man it does a lot to my body! The Lyrica increase has been good…I do not think I have felt many side effects from it. THANK GOD! I was really worried that I would get really dizzy or something like that! I may be working my way up to the max dose but for now I’m going to try and make it where I am! YAY! If you are fighting this battle, stand strong! It is not an easy fight but we can do it! 🙂


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