Catching up!

Wow what a week/weekend it has been! I was able to go to Dallas over the weekend to watch my alma mater play a championship game! It was soo cool to be in the stadium, sad to watch my team not win! We had the 14-0 rank…I guess sometimes you think just because you have gotten that will win. You may not (I think the Bama and LSU game is almost over…) win but you learn a lot through the experience.

Today many things have happened! The semester is beginning again and some changes finally started taking shape. I now have a clearer picture of what the future will hold! I am nervous..excited and ready to open the door! I know it would not have happened with out all the support I have received over the past few months! Thank you to all that emailed/called/texted etc. checking on me and helping me deal with this situation.

Change is coming! But big do you handle change? What do you do in your life to prepare for that change? I know personally I am not a big fan of change but…sadly change is part of life!  No matter how difficult the change…make sure there is something you are focused on. Why? Because no matter how tough the wind blows during the change or how much you get pushed off course…with your eyes focused on that change…you can hold to your course!

I’m off to bed….I know it has been a quiet week…trust me the days to come…they will not be quiet!

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