Week one…WOW

Even in the few months since my MA was finished, I had totally forgotten how completely exhausted you feel when you are in classes!

I have so much on my to do list, it makes my brain hurt lol! Which that honestly is probably not a bad thing because that means you are bein challenged with time management skills! Honestly I think that is the most critical part of the masters or doctoral degrees, you learn to be a strict keeper of time.

I loved my classes! I love my instructors, they are challenging and I am hopeful I can meet their standard. I will say even in the first week of class, I love the learning, the challenge and the incredible sense of awe about even being in a program.

I do not like the lack of sleep, the intense pain my whole body is in due to the stress and lack of meds, the intense fibro fatigue that is so tempting to give into or the frustration of having to give things up! Good news is that any sacrifice will hopefully be worth it!

I was sitting today thinking of what it will feel like in my second or third year of this program? What will it feel like to walk across the stage? What will it feel like to be Dr.? I like how one of my instructors put it, we are gate keepers to the program! I cannot wait to see others follow into my footsteps!

The biggest challenge is my disease! I am sure a “normal” person is challenged too but when you are battling intense pain, intense fatigue and everything else you cannot help but feel like it is an up hill battle.

But I have hope that I will win! I may not feel like it every day but I am thankful for my friends, my family and everyone else that pushes me to succeed!

One thought on “Week one…WOW

  1. Getting to the finish line will mean even more for you than someone without all of the health issues. Keep the focus and positive attitude and you will get there!

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