Week #1 Done – The Big Changes

My semester has begun!! And yes life has already changed! I forgot the feeling of needing major sleep…or the pressure of needing to read and write even when you have worked all day! The work load is enormous but totally doable when you manage the  time, and that is the key! TIME MANAGEMENT! I am working on getting back in the cycle of managing my time and I am thankful that I have a dedicated group of friends who are praying for me and wanting me to be successful!

It is not an easy road but I  am loving every minute of it! My body has been ok  this week…pain has been HIGH and fatigue has been TERRIBLE but I am still here! Still fighting!

Off to rest and veg about before bed! I have two work days this week! Then that door closes and another on opens! I cannot wait! 🙂

One thought on “Week #1 Done – The Big Changes

  1. Keep going after life, and make lupus stay the back seat as much as possible. You show the spirit of a victor, but remember you are not invincible — take care to care for your lupus and remember your limits — take care of yourself. I find that my lupus pain lessens as I am more physically active, and especially when I get gentle exercise on a regular basis. It is counter-intuitive, but highly recommended by all the health experts. Great blog here!

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