Hello Cold, you can leave now!

I hope today has been a far more productive day for you than me! I have felt under the weather since Thursday, this whole weekend I have felt blah!

My first cold med free and I will say, having an immune system you certainly handle colds better! However the pain has tripled and the fatigue has been higher than any number I could give it!

This all makes studying soooo hard! But I am determined to keep fighting! I do not give up, at least not this easily! It will take a bit more to knock me down and keep me down!!!

I will rest tonight….to fight harder tomorrow!

I will study my hardest tomorrow…to prepare for another week of classes!

I will continue to pray and praise God… to shine for God!

I will share my story…..because I want the world to know I do not survive…I live!

Praying for a great night, strength for tomorrow and for a day where I feel better!

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