Life is such a journey

Tonight for some reason my heart is weighing in on how hard this journey of life is to live. Confused? me too!

I spent yesterday learning to hold hands of those dying! Being the person for those who need a helping hand in their last days. It is hard to think about the fact that everyone in hospice is dying! But at the same time as a hospice volunteer I am happy that they won’t be alone! I’m praying for the families I will meet, I pray I can touch their lives in this hard time!

It is hard to be there for the dying because I know how hard my own life is to live! But I realize life has has be about more than just me! I want to give to others as much as possible, life is far more valuable than to be about only me.

I have a heavy heart tonight and a body wracked in pain. I can’t help but wonder who will be there one day holding my hand?

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